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Moving Crew Leader

Melvin Howard has been working for Mic's Moving for over 1 year now and has been a crucial asset to the team.  We managed to steal him away from a very large moving company known as JK Moving where he had been working for over 3 years.  He says he had to make the switch after experiencing positive vibes from the moving crew and an abundance of high fives.

Melvin introduced a new box carrying style where he literally carries boxes on his back.  He says he not only carries boxes on his back, he also carries his entire team, lol.  

Quote from Omari Braxton Moving Manager- "Melvin always goes above and beyond on every move, never ducks out of a heavy piece move, he is more than an asset to the squad"

Melvin questions Alpha's status of "self proclaimed most athletic" on Mic's Moving team...  Mic's Moving 1st ever Athletic Decathlon coming soon.... 

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