Top 5 Things to Toss Before Moving

Top 5 Things to Toss Before Moving, Moving in DC

Top 5 Things to Toss Before Moving

It's time to declutter!

Top 5 Things to Toss Before Moving

Most of us can probably remember packing for a move and throwing in last minute junk from a drawer because we didn't have time to sort it, right? Or maybe it was some boxes of old paper files in the basement that you never opened from the last move, so you just moved them again. If you're thinking about moving within the next year, here are our top five things to edit to simplify your move and have a more organized home!
  1. Old Furniture: Do you have any large or heavy furniture that you don't want to move with you? Now is a good time to sell or donate them, before you move. You can even try a charitable organization if the items are in good condition. We recommend you contact A Wider Circle in Silver Spring.
  2. Clothes: Before moving is an excellent time to assess your wardrobe. Are you hanging on to things that you should donate, sell or even toss if they are on their last legs? If you tend to wear the same items repeatedly, you can determine your base wardrobe easily and go from there. Check out Tidying up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. She gives great tips, and is on another a level of organization you have to see to believe. Do you need more help, in person? We recommend Kacy Paide, a professional organizer who is local to the DC Metropolitan area but has a national clientele. Be sure to view her helpful videos too!
  3. Junk from your Garage, Basement, Shed or Storage. Remember the more junk you get rid of, the cheaper the move is going to be, and it will give you peace of mind (Hopefully). If you have not used something in the last year, you likely don't need it.
  4. Paper: Keep your important papers like recent tax filings and a marriage license in a safe to go with you in your move. For the old stuff that you've been carrying around like extra weight, it's time to toss or shred. Consider getting a quote from businesses through Yelp for a bulk shred if you have a lot. The best way to hang on to important documents is by digitizing documents, scanning them to your computer or uploading them to the cloud.
  5. Cabinet/Drawer Junk: It's time to let go of your old bathroom supplies, expired medications and stuff that's been sitting in that drawer for years that you haven't touched since the last move! For medications, please be sure to dispose of them safely by learning what is permitted locally.
If you have any questions about you move, please don't hesitate to call us at 301-257-0111. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about your move and provide a quote over the phone.

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