Tips for Moving in the Summer

Moving in the Summer, Moving in DC

Tips for Moving in the Summer
Must Hydrate!

Tips for Moving in the Summer 

Maybe you've noticed that you've seen a lot of moving trucks lately? That's right, between Memorial Day and Labor Day is peak moving season. And yes, it's getting HOT! That means you need to consider how to move in the heat. Here's what what you can do to help alleviate some grief:

Morning Moves: Schedule your move as soon as you can and you will be able to book a morning time. This typically results in 10-15 degrees cooler temps than an afternoon move. Dodge the heat dodge the difficulty.

Utilities: Make sure you have your utilities turned on before you move into your new place. This way you know that they will be working in time for move-in day. You'll want to have that AC cranking for you and the movers.

Clothing: Wear lightweight, breathable and loose fitting clothing while you are moving. Natural fabrics like cotton and linen work well or even new modern fabrics that are made for exercising that are moisture-wicking.

Fans: You may need to set up fans in certain areas if it's especially hot that day and you have a lot of loading to do. If for some reason your electricity hasn't been turned on yet or if you have an area that is hot like a garage, a battery operated fan may be helpful.

Water: Bottled water should be available for you and your movers. It's critical that everyone stay hydrated during extreme heat in order to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion. It's better to have more water than you think you need. If nothing else, get some paper cups and let everyone know they are there next to the tap water. 

Pack Your Car: If you have any heat sensitive items that shouldn't be in a hot moving truck for a long time and you can pack it in your car, consider taking it yourself. Think about things like candles, perishables, plants, music and movies (vinyls, tapes, DVDs, CDs, etc).

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