The Most Common Problem in the Moving Industry

The most dispute in moving industry is Damaged Or Lost Items

Broken flat TV after moving 
The most dispute in moving industry is Damaged Or Lost Items

Moving is tough, and it is hard sometimes to avoid damaging things as you move – especially fragile items. Although the movers you hire are supposed to be professionals and take all appropriate cautions, there is still the possibility of something getting broken or lost. You need to be aware of this possibility and take appropriate steps to minimize your risk.

When you hire the mover, you will have the option of purchasing Full Value Protection for your things. The protection will cost extra, but it ensures that if anything is damaged or lost, that the insurance will fully cover the cost of the item.

If you do not want to pay for this coverage, you will sign a Waiver of Full Value Protection. You will still be given some compensation for items that are damaged or lost, on average about 50% of the value or in other cases 60 cents per pound.

A damaged flat screen television is an example of the real need to insure your items when moving, regardless of the distance.

You should take photos of all of your things before the move, so you have records to show the insurance company if anything is damaged.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, you have nine months to submit a claim after the move is completed.

But remember that the moving company will need time to address the claim – 30-days to acknowledge it and 120 days to determine a settlement.

Movers are human beings just like any other business there can and will be mistakes. Most of the times these mistakes are not intentional. Having photos becomes vital in the event you need to prove to the moving company exactly what your property looked like prior to it becoming damaged.

Be especially careful to photograph anything that is expensive. Murphy’s Law says this is what the movers will end up damaging!

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