Moving to Washington, DC? How on earth will you get around?

Cost of Owning a Car if you move to Washington, DC

So you're 22 to 35 years old and you've just landed a job in our Nations Capital. Congrats! You've probably already decided on a great moving company to move you there ;). So your next big decision is: how are you going to get around the city?  Before you cause congestion in our already congested streets of The District, here are a few options you should consider:

Option #1- I'm a "Car Guy" 

-Freedom, allows you to get out of the busy city and escape to weekend adventures
-Costco trips (only an advantage if you enjoy going to Costco)

-Traffic sucks and you will be enhancing the suckage
-Parking is expensive and/or impossible to find
-You'll definitely get your bumper destroyed by horrible parallel parkers who think it's ok to tap you when they get in and out of a spot

Option #2- I'm moving to D.C. and it's time to switch things up with a Motor Scooter 
Retired Mic's Moving employees Ryan and Ben decided on Option #2
-You get to rock out to Macklemore "Downtown"
-Save money on gas and insurance
-Plentiful parking spots, you can fit where others can't

-Danger, you get hit hard enough, and you and your moped are dead
-Thievery- lock it up, or poof it's gone
-The cold- You ain't gonna ride that thing when it's snowing
-Need to clean out the carburetor at least once a year

Option #3- I'm moving to DC and I'm a flexible pedestrian
-Tons of inexpensive ways in which you can travel without owning anything
-DC Metro system- goes virtually everywhere inside the beltway
-Uber- still relatively inexpensive, and very convenient
-Limebikes dockless electric scooters- Cost only $1 to unloack and $.15 cents per minute
-Zipcar-Get a Ford focus for $10/hr or $76 per day

No roadtrips back to moms house to do laundry

Final thought- If you live in the city and work in the city, ditch the car.  Maybe it will save some space and reduce traffic for movers with large trucks who travel in and out of DC everyday. 


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