How to Pack Fragile Items: Mics Moving Secret Tip

How to Pack Fragile Items when you move to Washington DC

Fragile Packing Tips from Mic's Moving
Nobody likes the guilty feeling after they break a dish, especially your movers.  So here are some helpful hints to pack those fragile items carefully to prevent the awkward Eeek look.

Rules for Successfully Packing Fragile items

  1. Don’t over pack the boxes and hope that applying extra packing tape will keep it covered. Bulging boxes make it much harder for your movers to pack the moving truck.
  2. It’s so much better to get more boxes than you think you’ll need. If you are late to the game, here is a website that will deliver your boxes in 2 days or less 
  3. Cardboard boxes have a shelf life — they can become flimsy over the years — so don’t count on old ones that have been in your basement forever to keep your stuff safe.
  4. You might think it’s best to buy boxes that are all uniform in size. But for your movers (or you, if you’re the one loading the van), fitting all your boxes in is a lot like Tetris. To conquer the puzzle, a variety of sizes works best.
  5. the heavier the item, the smaller box you should use.  When packing books, use a small box.  Ever try carrying a large cardboard box packed with books?  We have, and its not efficient or fun
  6.  Even if the box is fragile, it is important to pack it fully.  When you have extra space at the top of the box, it is important to fill that space with packing paper in order to prevent it from collapsing during the move.
  7. Seal up the box and label it FRAGILE,on the top, sides, bottom — everywhere. Overcommunicate!, and, of course, label each box with its contents and what room it belongs to at the new address
  8. For glasses, cups and mugs, you don’t necessarily need box inserts (sometimes called cellular inserts) to keep the items separated. It’s more important to wrap each item up completely, with two layers of packing paper for extra-fragile things such as wineglasses. 

List of fragile packing material you may have overlooked

  1. Packing Paper/Newspaper- Much cheaper than bubble wrap, and many more ways you can use it
  2. Bed sheets- a perfect bottom layer of protection inside a fragile box packed with wine glasses or china
  3. Small Pillows- Also great for a bottom or top layer of a fragile box
  4. For flat items like plates and picture frames, wrap each item in packing paper and place them in a box vertically, alternating with layer of scrunched packing paper

For larger Fragile items, it is helpful if you disassemble them before the movers arrive.  Please point out everything that is highly important, and let us know what you would like proffessionally blanketed and wrapped on moving day.

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