Moving to DC: The Complete Moving Checklist

Move List: Complete Checklist when moving to Washington DC

Complete Checklist when moving to Washington DC
Moving ranks pretty high in the list of “most stressful events in life”, and for a good reason. With your life in boxes and your fridge defrosted stressful might feel like an understatement. However, some things in life need to be done, and Mics Moving is here to help you deal with moving regardless of the complications involved.

Listing the todo tasks on a piece of paper prior to moving is not the real solution, we think that making a complete moving checklist can certainly take some of the pressure off.

Chronological Moving Checklist to prepare you for the move:

2 Months To Go
Stuff has a way of accumulating, especially if the last time you de-cluttered was before your last move. Go through your things and see what can be sold, tossed or donated.  The more you get rid of before the move, the more time/money you will save.

Make an inventory list of all your belongings- this will help get a dependable estimate of moving costs and will also come in handy when moving in.

Keep every piece of paper pertaining to your move in a special folder- receipts, estimates, forms etc.
If you’re moving to a new school district, now is the time to get your kids’ records transferred.

Six Weeks To Go
Start collecting cardboard boxes from supermarkets and different stores.  If you get tired of that, we found uhaul sells boxes in bundles at the cheapest prices we can find.

Packing paper > Bubble wrap.  Packing paper is cheaper and when used correctly and abundantly, can be more effective then bubble wrap in our opinion. Also but markers and find cheap packing tape online.

Your perishable goods, frozen food…. EAT UP! Some moves take up to 8 hours which is too long to keep frozen food out of the fridge. Cleaning supplies probably won’t make it to your new home. Put them to good use so you don’t end up throwing them away.

If possible, visit your new home and take precise measurements of rooms and passageways. If that doorway is smaller than the height of your couch (the back portion is bottom to top is what you need to measure) then it ain’t gonna fit.  Box springs also have a tendencies to have difficulty fitting in tight stairways.

One Month Before
Start packing. Begin with the items you use most seldom, like the christmas ornaments or attic type stuff. As you pack, please label what's in the box, where it goes, and clearly label FRAGILE on Fragile boxes.
Jewelry, cash, passports  and other important documents and items of great sentimental value are best to handle yourself, so pack them separately and move them on your own.
Change your address online or at the post office by filling out a form. You also need to contact important parties (like banks, insurance companies etc.) and notify them of your upcoming move.

Two Weeks To Go
Arrange to have a day off from work on moving day
Fill out prescriptions
Retrieve your medical records and get referrals for health professionals in your new area.
Get that internet set up scheduled.  Nobody’s happy without the interwebs immediately available.

A Few Days To Go
Finish packing. When most of your belongings are packed use suitcases for clothes and personal items your family will need for the few days before and after moving.

Disassemble furniture like desks and shelves. Look for any existing damages and note them in your inventory to our crew.

Defrost the freezer, 24 hours or more before moving.

Make sure your payment to the mover is sorted.  Most movers appreciate a tip, cause it’s hard work!  Cash to tip the movers is always appreciated.

Breath easy because you are properly prepared
Be present on move day to inform team members what’s going, and where it needs to be placed.

Once move is complete go through the vacated house and look for forgotten items.

Leave your contact information for the new tenants.
Turn off all the lights and lock the door.

Did you find this checklist helpful? Share your moving tips with us in the comments!

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