Top 5 ways to get out of helping your friends move

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Ways to get out of moving your friend

You always know a true friend when they are willing to help you move.  But there are those times when you're just not up for it... what can you do?  Well, you're in luck, here are...

Top 5 excuses to get out of helping your friend move.

5. I inured myself playing sports.  Hopefully your friend doesn't ask for a doctor's note. Hopefully your friend knows you play sports to validate this excuse.  Proof of an injury is always helpful. Maybe you can send them a selfie with some ice over your ankle.

4. I'm just too hungover.  If you already had plans to move your friend, this is gonna be a tough rabbit to pull out of your hat.  But if you play your cards right and invite your friend out for drinks the night before, there's a chance neither of you will be moving at all the next day.  To increase these chances, we recommend you buy a round (or two) of shots, mix in some tequila, and hit the dance floor.

3. I totally would, but I'm out of town.  What better excuse to get out of helping your friends move than booking a last minute vacation.  Best part is most people ask for help on Saturdays, so you may not even have to take off of work.

2. Ask them for help before their move.  You probably have an odd job that you have been meaning to get done.  If they say no, you can say no.  You must also be willing to accept the risk of them saying yes...  meaning you will have to complete an odd job and help your friend move, eek.

1. Say "I'm in the middle of reading top 5 ways to get out of helping your friends move, and number 1 on the list is to hire Mic's Moving!" Fantastic excuse!  We are always receiving last minute move requests, and love helping when we are available; send your friend our way!

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