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7 Opinions of Facebook Reations

List of Opinions of Facebook Reactions

  1. The Thumb up Like- A classic.  No way they are going to take that away from us.  We wouldn't know what to do without it.
  2. Love Button- Gonna be fights among friends saying how come you only liked my photo, when you should have "LOVED" it
  3. Haha- lol used  to be cool, I guess it's out the door eh'.  
  4. Yay- Not sure where i would use this guy.  Maybe instead of saying Hip Hip horray, I'll just click Yay
  5. Wow- Very Positive like most of the posts.  
  6. Sad- Maybe not so positive.  Kinda wish people would shy away from sharing sad stuff on facebook.  This sad emoticon won't help.
  7. Angry- I guess you could say I have felt this way after reading a post.  Yea I'll click on that.

The only thing I fear about all of these emoticons is they reduce the chance a person will form a unique meaningful opinion about each persons Facebook post.  When I post something on Facebook, I want someone to tell me how they really feel about it, not be lazy and click an icon.  

I do like how they moved away from the "dislike button", there is enough hate on the internet, gotta make it slightly more difficult than a offer up a simple Hate button


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