Labor Only: Loading, Unloading and In-house moves

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Sometimes you don't need a truck, just some labor help.  If only we were operating in the 90's we could have given Rachel Chandler, and Ross a little help.

Loading Up a Customer provided Box truck-

There are many cases when we help our customers load up their box truck or pod for a long distance move.  There are a few things to keep in mind.  It is important to have proper blankets to protect larger furniture and larger fragile items.  We will not be able to sell you our blankets, so we recommend you rent some from your truck rental company  or purchase some "economy moving blankets" on amazon or ebay.  Another important item to have is ratchet straps.  Ratchet straps allow the moving team to tightly secure your furniture to inside the box which should prevent it from moving during transit.

We will do our best to pack your truck in an efficient safe manner, but we cannot be held responsible for any damages after we leave the load up job.

Unloading a box truck
We'd be happy to help you unload your box truck or pod.  Most of these jobs are fairly strait forward and do not require moving blankets and ratchet straps.  Some do require dollies.  If you think your job has any long walks, let us know and we'll be sure to bring some dollies to speed up the unloading process.  Free unloading estimate click here to get an estimate.

Moving furniture within a house
If you you moving some items around or rearranging furniture, let us know if you could use our help.  If there are any tight stairways, unusually large items be sure to let us know on the moving estimate form.

Moving Furniture within an apartment building-
We have performed many successful inner apartment building moves.  We can move just the furniture or everything inside the apartment.  If you would like us to move everything, we still ask that you pack p as much as you can, so we can move you fast and safely.

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