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We understand that you've got plenty to worry about without adding the move itself to your list of concerns. That's why we take the extra step of offering Packing services.

Packing Materials- When you reserve our packing services, we will bring small, medium and large size boxes and packing paper (200 sheets of paper in each box).  It is hard for us to estimate exactly how many boxes you will need, so we normally ask for your best guess, here is a general estimate of how many boxes each  typical move takes...

Studio Move- 10 to 20 1 packing paper box
1 bedroom- 15 to 35 2 packing paper boxes
2 bedroom- 30 to 50 3 to 4 packing paper boxes
3 bedroom 40 to 80  4 packing paper boxes

There are times when the move requires more than the listed amount of boxes.  If you have a lot of books, fragile items, or your if your a cat person,  make sure you request a few more than the recommended amount.

Highly Valuable items- For every job we complete, we require the customer pack and move certain highly valuable items like phones, cash, jewelry, and other expensive small items.  This is to protect ourselves and the customers goods.

Hidden Cabinets and Drawers- When the packing crew is complete, we ask that you do a walk through of you apartment or house to check and see if we have missed any drawers or cabinets.  We do our best to check everywhere for items, but we sometime miss some hidden places.

Awkward Items-
We go by the simple rule of if it can fit in a box, pack it in a box.  There are some awkward items, in which case we will do our best to move it safely.  In some cases, it may help speed up the packing/moving process if we move the awkward fragile items in the customers car, to maximise the box trucks space and to reduce the risk of damage.

Packing Mirrors and Picture frames-
If it can fit in a box, we'll pack it in a box with adequate packing paper.  We can move larger pictures and art by blanketing them and stretch warping it using our stretch wrap.  We do ask that you talk to your crew leader/team and point out the larger items that are of high importance that you would like blanketed and wrapped.

Please note, there are times when we are busier than normal and therefor are unable to provide packing services.

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