3 Awesome Reviews, 3 Awesome Days

Mic Wendt

Great Movers get Great Reviews

Gotta give the squad some praise for earning three 5 star reviews in the past 3 days.  We like to think we perform 5 star jobs everyday, it's just nice to see that our customers are backing us up and we aren't just bragging.  I guess we're still bragging.

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Mover of the Week

Mic Wendt

Mic's Moving Mover of the Week

Don't be fooled by his tough exterior he pretends to portray, he is really a softy with an infectiously happy, positive personality. Walter has been with Mic's Moving for over 3 years and has recently promoted to SR Move Manager. He displays his reliability and commitment daily, through his amazing attendance and uncanny work ethic. He is never late, he never misses a day & he most certainly never hides from the heavy lifting. Most important, he genuinely cares about each client on every move. He is a company and client favorite. Congrats Walt!

Interesting Fact about Walt: He hates taking lunch breaks, and just wants to get the job DONE!