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A Summertime Guide to Adulting


Do you ever feel like you are “faking it” at grown-up life? If so, you are not alone. Yesterday, Cosmopolitan posted an article on Snapchat called “Why You Need to Shut Up About Adulting.” To that we say, slowwww down on your hateraid because here at Mic’s Moving we embrace certain aspects of #adulting and actually encourage it. Of course, we also have some simple summer escape suggestions for when the pressure of being a grown-up gets too real.

Perfect ways to prove to your friends that you are #adulting :

  • Made my bed today because #adulting, duh.

  • Leftover bananas, no problem, made mini-muffins by adapting a recipe #adulting

  • Hired #micsmoving because I value my furniture and manicure #adulting

Perfect reasons to relinquish #adulting :

  • You may have graduated to fro-yo, but today I chased down an ice cream truck for a Choco Taco #nonadulting

  • It is wrong to host a party just to make Smores? #semiadulting

  • Bought my IMAX 3D ticket for Finding Dory, you know you want to too! #nonadulting

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