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Interstate Vs. Intrastate moving

Interstate Vs. Intrastate Moving

What is an Interstate Move?
When you are performing an interstate move, you are essentially moving or transporting goods in and out of state lines, including international moves.
Interstate moves are governed by the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) rules and regulations. It is considered an interstate move if it involves a long distance moving company crossing a state line at any point during the move. Even if the actual moving truck or van doesn’t cross state lines (i.e. your goods are moved via train), it is still considered an interstate move if your goods cross state lines. Something else to consider is that Long Distance (Interstate) moves often cost more than Local moves.

What is an Intrastate Move?
Intrastate moves consist of movers completing a move without crossing the border of another state.
Intrastate or local movers are not regulated by the FMCSA. Rules that apply to interstate moves are completely different from intrastate. Moving within a state means that you will have to understand the terms and conditions of moving as they change based on the state you reside in. Rules and regulations are outlined by the individual states and should be researched properly. Some states have more stringent licensing and monitoring guidelines than others. A Local (Intrastate) move also typically costs less than a Long Distance move.
Although you may be completing an intrastate move, moving companies can charge a long distance fee. Before choosing a licensed mover, make sure you aren’t hit with fees you weren’t made aware of. Understand your rights and verify licensing with each moving company before choosing. For more information on state guidelines, contact your state agency.

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