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Binding Vs. Non Binding Moving Estimate

Binding Vs. Non Binding Moving Estimates

A binding estimate is an exact cost for moving services. A binding estimate covers only the goods and services listed on the estimate and accompanying inventory. If you add items or additional services are required or requested, the mover may void his original binding price proposal by requiring you to sign an addendum to the original contract. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the moving manager. The mover may also require full payment for these additional services at the time of delivery.
Additional services which would contribute to the cost of the move could include:
  • Shuttle (also called auxiliary) Service in the event that your new or old home is not negotiable by a tractor trailer and a smaller truck must be used to transport your belongings from your home to the trailer or vice versa.
  • If your estimate was based packing by the mover but more is required at the time of the move.
  • If there are more items than are listed on the bill of lading.

Non-Binding estimates are not guaranteed. Final costs are based on the total time the move takes and actual services provided at the time of the move. You are then obligated to pay any additional charges over this amount within 30 days.

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