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The best time to move is truly when everyone else isn't.  You can save yourself a ton of time money and frustration by being flexible with your move date and moving when most other people are not.  

Unfortunately for us movers, people love moving on some of the best days of the week, Friday Saturday and Sunday.  This means we are almost always busy Friday Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday by far is the most common day of the week people want to move.  This means that movers are busy, trucks are reserved, elevators are booked, and rates can be more expensive.  We actually offer our cheapest rates between Monday thru Thursday.

Best time to move 
Another very busy time for movers is at the very end and very beginning of the month.  People move when their lease is up, which for some reason, tends to always be at the end of the month.  Middle of the month during the week is a great time to reserve your move.

If you are extremely flexible, ask the moving company what day soon works best for them.  Moving companies love to fill in gaps during the week where they are slow.  If you're lucky, you may even get a discount ;)

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