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Movers Who Look Good, Move Good!

We recently decided we were tired of the same boring clothing that every other moving company has. I'm talking about the dull collared shirts with khaki shorts/pants.  It's a decent look if you are going for the mundane, "I love looking like everybody else" get-up. Instead, we decided to make an attempt to break the norm.

So we did some brainstorming and all of us had unique ideas.  Most of the ideas were pretty expensive i.e., custom moving suit and ties with matching Jordan sneakers. But, since we are a reasonably priced moving company, we must come up with a reasonably priced yet stylish look.

Since we are looking forward to spring and warmer weather, we thought why not get a head start and order some flowery', beachy, yet still manly moving hats.  So to test our first idea, we started to let our employees pick out a hat on ebay and we would slap our Mic's Moving Logo on it.

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I know it isn't like we invented the hat, but I haven't seen any other moving companies wear cool hats like these.  Post your team member wearing his or her hat on Facebook or Instagram with #micsmoving and receive $20 off your MOVE!  So keep an eye out for the freshest looking movers in the DC area, and save your money on your next move!

We have been receiving a lot of requests from friends, family members, customers and outsiders about getting a hold of Mic's Moving hat.  We are working on providing them for customers for $20 a pop.  So if you are interested in looking almost as good as the moving team who moved you, let us know and we'll work something out.


If you catch your mover wearing his unique stylish hat, post a pic to our Facebook Page or Instagram with #micsmoving and receive $20 discount off your move!  DC Moving Discount

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