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Donald Tumps Tax Return

What is Donald Trump Hiding in His tax return?

Donald trump- "Mitt Romney, who was one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of Republican politics, is now pushing me on tax returns. Dope!" the billionaire businessman attacking Romney.
Trump wrote that tax returns have zero to do with a person's net worth, and all swung at the establishment wing of the Republican party, many of whom have coalesced behind Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as an answer to Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.
"Why doesn't @MittRomney just endorse @marcorubio already. Should have done it before NH or Nevada where he had a little sway. Too late now!"
Trump said, "I'm going to do what @MittRomney was totally unable to do- WIN!"

I've never been interested in taxes to say the least, but after listening to tonights republican debate, you cannot help but wonder what trumps tax return looks like.  Not like any of us non accountants would really be able to understand anything on there.  
Assuming Trump is telling the truth that he has been audited the past 4 years, I can only assume he's not hiding anything important, right?  Maybe a couple hundred million of dollars.  

Mic Wendt

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