Derek Rose Vs. MJ "I'm Back"

Derek Rose I'm Back, Mj I'm Back

I'm Back

Has there ever been a more meaningful saying that the two works "I'm Back". 21 years ago, on March 18, 1995, Agent David Falk received an the call from Jordan for them to fly to Chicago to meet at his house. After talking it over they tried to come up with a meaningful way to tell the press Michael Jordan was going to be playing for the Bulls again. It was MJ who decided to send a simple Fax stating I'M Back"

Move over MJ’s “I’m back” Fax. D-Rose decided to go new school technology to state "I Just feel like I'm Back". Can’t be more back than maybe feeling like you’re back lol. No way this will disappoint us at all.

In all seriousness Derrick has looked a lot better the past month and a half, I’ll give him that. But don't get your hopes up. We've all seen Derek Rose with injury after injury. Lets all hope his last social media post is a sign of Jordan like things to come.

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