4 Best Neighborhoods to Move to in DC

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Postives and Negatives about the 4 best Neighborhoods to Move to in DC

We have a ton of experience moving people from one place to another inside the DC area.  That experience has built an wide array of knowledge of the positives and negatives of each DC neighborhood.  Here is a list of the top places we recommend to live while you're in DC.

4. Georgetown- a town with a lot of history has been around before the colonial times.  Georgetown has some of the oldest homes in the District. Now it's more of a hotspot for tourists and locals who like to shop and enjoy M st. Also home to many students at Georgetown University.
Moving to Georgetown
Positives- Beautiful Waterfront, Very clost to the crescent trail, tons of shopping, 
Negatives-Parking is extremely difficult, low crime rate, no metro, tons of tourists shopping

4.Chevy Chase- If you move here, the number one question you will be asked is "Chevy Chase? Named after the actor?"... No. Once you get passed that you will show them around to a beautiful town filled with expensive homes and a great neighborhood that is on the DC MD border.
Moving to Chevy Chase 
Positives-Conveniently located near some hometown restaurants and grocery store, parking available, great place to raise a family
Negatives-$$$, Far from the nightlife, very expensive homes, 

3.Adams Morgan- The name came from the two segregated elementary schools, the all black Thomas P. Morgan Elementary School and the all white John Quincy Adams Elementary School. In 1954 the Supreme Court ruled the schools had to desegregated making Adams Morgan. Now it is none for some load nightlife on 18th street, with a number of bars and clubs featuring live music. 
Moving to Adams Morgan

Positives-Bars, clubs, Jumbo Slice, Highest point in DC (great for roof deck parties)
Negatives-High crime Area, Dangerous and loud on weekends,

#1 best Neighborhood to Move to in DC

Dupont Circle-known for it's beautiful embassies, large fountain in the heart of DC, great nightlife and a high gay and lesbian population.  This neighborhood has it all

Positives- Great for people watching, very diverse sexual orientation, best restaurants in DC, 
Negatives- Parking, Most expensive neighborhood in DC to live,

Before choosing one of these places to live make sure you read our Moving tips page

Donald Trumps Tax return

Mic Wendt
Donald Tumps Tax Return

What is Donald Trump Hiding in His tax return?

Donald trump- "Mitt Romney, who was one of the dumbest and worst candidates in the history of Republican politics, is now pushing me on tax returns. Dope!" the billionaire businessman attacking Romney.
Trump wrote that tax returns have zero to do with a person's net worth, and all swung at the establishment wing of the Republican party, many of whom have coalesced behind Florida Sen. Marco Rubio as an answer to Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.
"Why doesn't @MittRomney just endorse @marcorubio already. Should have done it before NH or Nevada where he had a little sway. Too late now!"
Trump said, "I'm going to do what @MittRomney was totally unable to do- WIN!"

I've never been interested in taxes to say the least, but after listening to tonights republican debate, you cannot help but wonder what trumps tax return looks like.  Not like any of us non accountants would really be able to understand anything on there.  
Assuming Trump is telling the truth that he has been audited the past 4 years, I can only assume he's not hiding anything important, right?  Maybe a couple hundred million of dollars.  

Melvin Howard, Moving Crew Leader

Mic Wendt
Moving Crew Leader

Melvin Howard has been working for Mic's Moving for over 1 year now and has been a crucial asset to the team.  We managed to steal him away from a very large moving company known as JK Moving where he had been working for over 3 years.  He says he had to make the switch after experiencing positive vibes from the moving crew and an abundance of high fives.

Melvin introduced a new box carrying style where he literally carries boxes on his back.  He says he not only carries boxes on his back, he also carries his entire team, lol.  

Quote from Omari Braxton Moving Manager- "Melvin always goes above and beyond on every move, never ducks out of a heavy piece move, he is more than an asset to the squad"

Melvin questions Alpha's status of "self proclaimed most athletic" on Mic's Moving team...  Mic's Moving 1st ever Athletic Decathlon coming soon.... 

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Opinions of Facebook Reactions

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7 Opinions of Facebook Reations

List of Opinions of Facebook Reactions

  1. The Thumb up Like- A classic.  No way they are going to take that away from us.  We wouldn't know what to do without it.
  2. Love Button- Gonna be fights among friends saying how come you only liked my photo, when you should have "LOVED" it
  3. Haha- lol used  to be cool, I guess it's out the door eh'.  
  4. Yay- Not sure where i would use this guy.  Maybe instead of saying Hip Hip horray, I'll just click Yay
  5. Wow- Very Positive like most of the posts.  
  6. Sad- Maybe not so positive.  Kinda wish people would shy away from sharing sad stuff on facebook.  This sad emoticon won't help.
  7. Angry- I guess you could say I have felt this way after reading a post.  Yea I'll click on that.

The only thing I fear about all of these emoticons is they reduce the chance a person will form a unique meaningful opinion about each persons Facebook post.  When I post something on Facebook, I want someone to tell me how they really feel about it, not be lazy and click an icon.  

I do like how they moved away from the "dislike button", there is enough hate on the internet, gotta make it slightly more difficult than a offer up a simple Hate button

Derek Rose Vs. MJ "I'm Back"

Mic Wendt

I'm Back

Has there ever been a more meaningful saying that the two works "I'm Back". 21 years ago, on March 18, 1995, Agent David Falk received an the call from Jordan for them to fly to Chicago to meet at his house. After talking it over they tried to come up with a meaningful way to tell the press Michael Jordan was going to be playing for the Bulls again. It was MJ who decided to send a simple Fax stating I'M Back"

Move over MJ’s “I’m back” Fax. D-Rose decided to go new school technology to state "I Just feel like I'm Back". Can’t be more back than maybe feeling like you’re back lol. No way this will disappoint us at all.

In all seriousness Derrick has looked a lot better the past month and a half, I’ll give him that. But don't get your hopes up. We've all seen Derek Rose with injury after injury. Lets all hope his last social media post is a sign of Jordan like things to come.

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Movers Who Look good!

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Movers Who Look Good, Move Good!

We recently decided we were tired of the same boring clothing that every other moving company has. I'm talking about the dull collared shirts with khaki shorts/pants.  It's a decent look if you are going for the mundane, "I love looking like everybody else" get-up. Instead, we decided to make an attempt to break the norm.

So we did some brainstorming and all of us had unique ideas.  Most of the ideas were pretty expensive i.e., custom moving suit and ties with matching Jordan sneakers. But, since we are a reasonably priced moving company, we must come up with a reasonably priced yet stylish look.

Since we are looking forward to spring and warmer weather, we thought why not get a head start and order some flowery', beachy, yet still manly moving hats.  So to test our first idea, we started to let our employees pick out a hat on ebay and we would slap our Mic's Moving Logo on it.

Save money on your next move  #micsmoving

I know it isn't like we invented the hat, but I haven't seen any other moving companies wear cool hats like these.  Post your team member wearing his or her hat on Facebook or Instagram with #micsmoving and receive $20 off your MOVE!  So keep an eye out for the freshest looking movers in the DC area, and save your money on your next move!

We have been receiving a lot of requests from friends, family members, customers and outsiders about getting a hold of Mic's Moving hat.  We are working on providing them for customers for $20 a pop.  So if you are interested in looking almost as good as the moving team who moved you, let us know and we'll work something out.


If you catch your mover wearing his unique stylish hat, post a pic to our Facebook Page or Instagram with #micsmoving and receive $20 discount off your move!  DC Moving Discount

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5 important things to do before you move

Jose Ortiz
5 easy things to do before you move.
One month before your move is crunch time. Hopefully, you got some of your packing out of the way last month. If so, you probably focused on your nonessential items -- your out-of-season clothing, your fanciest china, your holiday wares and other items you didn't expect to use in the near future.

During this month, you'll start to pack up the stuff you use more often, leaving out the absolute essentials to the end of the month, right before your move.

Your place might look like chaos, but when moving day arrives, you'll be more than ready face the task.

What else should be on your to-do list for the month?

Notify the Post Office of Change of Address
This is one of those tasks that can easily fall through the cracks, and if it does, you may miss some really important mail -- like bills, bank statements and checks from people who owe you money. So, be sure to set aside some time to do this before you move. You can pick up a change of address form at the post office, fill it out and send it via snail mail. Or you can fill out the form online.

Notify Companies of Account Changes or Disconnections:
Make a list of your utility Companies, Cable, DSL, and inform them of your move. It's usually pretty easy to get a service turned off at one place and turned on at another. But you might also use this move as an opportunity to reevaluate your services. Could you save some money by switching companies or getting a different package? Do these companies have any special deals right now? It never hurts to ask.

Notify Newspaper of Address Change or Stoppage If someone still drives by your house and throws a newspaper at your lawn every morning, then you'll need to notify the paper of your change in address.

Did you order something on eBay? Did you buy a sweater online? Your mail should be forwarded, but just to be safe, you might want to go ahead and call those contacts to let them know what your new address is.

Collect Important Papers and Medical Records
As you're going through your papers, collect your most important documents -- your will, birth certificate, financial documents, social security card, car title, medical records, etc. You don't want these documents to get lost in the shuffle during the move. Pack them up together, set them aside, and then find a special place to put them once you're at your new place. You might even want to transport these documents yourself rather than have the movers load them into the truck, since they're extremely important and losing them could leave you vulnerable to identity theft.

Choose the right mover 
Moving can be one of life's most stressful and least fun events. While the right moving company can make for a smooth move, choosing the wrong mover can make your relocation experience a nightmare. If you are a busy person, at least you want to make sure that the mover you choose is licensed and insured. You can also take a moment to check the mover’s reviews from other customers in Yelp and Google reviews. There are other things to consider such as price, referrals, professional accreditation, mover's protection plans offered, Etc.

On moving day, you can always ask your friends for help. But it is always best to hire a professional moving company.

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Top 5 ways to get out of helping your friends move

Mic Wendt
Ways to get out of moving your friend

You always know a true friend when they are willing to help you move.  But there are those times when you're just not up for it... what can you do?  Well, you're in luck, here are...

Top 5 excuses to get out of helping your friend move.

5. I inured myself playing sports.  Hopefully your friend doesn't ask for a doctor's note. Hopefully your friend knows you play sports to validate this excuse.  Proof of an injury is always helpful. Maybe you can send them a selfie with some ice over your ankle.

4. I'm just too hungover.  If you already had plans to move your friend, this is gonna be a tough rabbit to pull out of your hat.  But if you play your cards right and invite your friend out for drinks the night before, there's a chance neither of you will be moving at all the next day.  To increase these chances, we recommend you buy a round (or two) of shots, mix in some tequila, and hit the dance floor.

3. I totally would, but I'm out of town.  What better excuse to get out of helping your friends move than booking a last minute vacation.  Best part is most people ask for help on Saturdays, so you may not even have to take off of work.

2. Ask them for help before their move.  You probably have an odd job that you have been meaning to get done.  If they say no, you can say no.  You must also be willing to accept the risk of them saying yes...  meaning you will have to complete an odd job and help your friend move, eek.

1. Say "I'm in the middle of reading top 5 ways to get out of helping your friends move, and number 1 on the list is to hire Mic's Moving!" Fantastic excuse!  We are always receiving last minute move requests, and love helping when we are available; send your friend our way!

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Meet Alpha,

Mic Wendt

Great Movers of Washington DC
Self proclaimed best athlete at Mic's Moving. Alpha is known to be a favorite among customers and crew leaders. His hard work and constant positivety at the work place makes every move enjoyable and fun.  Although Mic constantly tells him to refrain from doing squat jumps into the back of the truck, he refuses and constantly does over the top athletic moves on every move.

Don't tell alpha, but after a long day of taking photo's, our photographer Jose kept hinting, Alpha photographs so well he could have a career in modeling.

He enjoys playing basketball, football, snap chat, and checking himself out in the side view mirror

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Reducing your Relocation Cost

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Reducing you Relocation costs legally

A few tips to reduce your relocation cost

Not sure if Walter White cared about reducing his relocation costs, but if he did, we'd recommend he pack his money into some type of boxes or bin to transport it more efficiently.  Here are some more relevant ways you can reduce the cost of you next move.
  • Keep your move date flexible.  You will most likely save money if you can move Monday though Thursday and during the middle of the month.  The most popular moving days are on weekends and at the turn of the month, making them more expensive.
  • Do the packing yourself of smaller items in boxes yourself.  This can save you upwards of $300.  It also allows you to know exactly where you put everything when unpacking.
  • Use used boxes to save you money.  You may find free used boxes a liquor stores or grocery stores.  Uhaul is the cheapest place to buy new boxes but you have to buy them in bundles. Uhaul even offers free used boxes at many locations.
  • Trash as much as you are willing to let go.  Take the time to go through your items and through away those items that have no use.  Reducing the number of items you need to be moved will save you time and money.  
  • Use your personal vehicle to transport awkwardly shaped items, and fragile items.  Items like plants, lamps, tv's ect. can be difficult for movers to pack in a box truck.  You can reduce the time wasting thinking of a perfect way to tetris the item in place by packing them beforehand in your personal vehicle 
  • Reserve anything you can think of that may help reduce the amount of overall moving time.  For non binding moving estimates, the more time you can save the more you can reduce your overall relocation cost.  Reserve parking, elevators, loading docks, moving truck (unless the company provides this), and especially reserve your moving team early!
  • If you are moving into a large apartment building, see if the concierge rents out dollies.  If you hire a mover, they should come equipt with dollies, but the more the better.
  •  Get at least 3 quotes from reputable movers.  Don't choose your mover just on how cheap they are, make sure you read the reviews, make sure they are licensed and insured and make sure you are comfortable with your decision.
  • Pack and label your items.  You should label each box stating which room it goes into at your drop off location.  This saves time and money because your movers won't have to wait for your answer as to where they should leave the box therefore it will reduce your overall Relocation Cost.
  • I have attached a link here to find some more moving tips

I hope this helps give you a better idea of how to decrease your Relocation Costs

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When does UNC Play Duke

Mic Wendt
Duke Plays UNC Tonight at 9 pm.  

Tune in tonight on ESPN to watch the biggest rivalry in college basketball . Duke has 19 wins and 6 losses while UNC has 21 wins and 4 loses.   2041 meeting between these 2 rivals.  This is the first time that Carolina has played a home game when they are ranked #1.  

Dark blue versus sky blue.  It should be a game for the ages.

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Finding Movers In Washington DC

Mic Wendt
Find your Moving Company  '

Finding Movers In Washington DC

There are many ways to find movers in the DMV area.  Here is a 10 step guide to make sure you find the right movers for the job.

  1.  Check to make sure your movers are licensed.  You can make sure they are licensed by looking them up at this website here
  2. Find well rated movers in your area by searching Yelp.com or Angies List
  3. Get at least 3 different estimates before choosing the right company for you
  4. Movers usually get booked up fast on Fridays, Saturdays, and at the end of the month and 1st and 2nd of the month.  You may receive cheaper rates if you ask to move Monday through Thursday.
  5. Make sure the movers you hire are fully insured.  This is a large expense for us but necessary.  If you hire a mover who is not insured and a mover gets injured on your property, you may be held responsible for paying the injury bill.
  6. There are many companies who hire outside workers who are actually contracting out your move to other companies.  When we commit to performing your move, Mic's Moving will be the only company on the jon
  7. You can receive an estimate sent directly to your email after you fill an online estimate... Free Online estimates.  The more accurate and more descriptive you are, the more accurate an estimate you will receive.
  8. Before you hire a move, make sure there are no hidden costs.  Mic's Moving is always up font with the moving costs, and will never have any hidden costs.
  9. Depending on how big your job is, you may want to check their website if there is an hourly minimum.  There are some large companies who require a 3 to 4 hour minimum.  We have a 2 hour minimum here at Mic's Moving.
  10. Make sure you reach out to companies at least 3 weeks in advance, especially if you are moving during the summer

There are many many moving companies, so finding the right movers for your job is very important.

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Omari Braxton Moving Manager

Mic Wendt
 Mic's Moving Manager
Omari Braxton,

Omari was born and raised right here in the DMV. He admits he had a difficult upbringing as a kid but eventually found the right path and moved up in the world. He is hardworking and will go over and beyond to meet customer and company needs. He works mostly in the office, responding to your questions and booking your moves.  If you're lucky you might even find him assisting our crew members on your move.  He is older brother to Alpha and Devin Braxton who share his fun, hard working mentality.

When he is not working, he enjoys spending time with his son, playing chess against Mic in the office, and relaxing.

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Mic's Moving Policies and Procedures

Jose Ortiz
Our Policies and Procedures-

When you decide to use our box truck for your move, we will provide blankets, stretch wrap and ratchet straps to move your items safely.  It is up to you to point out what items you would like us to blanket and wrap.  We always tell our customers to walk thru all areas of the home or office and point out to the crew what items need to be blanketed and wrapped so we both are on the same page.  If you do not inform us what to blanket and wrap, your crew will use their best judgment.


If it can fit in a box, pack it, if you have the original box the electronic came in, that's even better.  We shall not be held liable for internal damage to electrical goods when they are not packed properly and/or when there is no external damage to them. We can use our blankets to protect the electronics, but we cannot insure them unless they a properly packed in a box prior to our arrival.
We have moved many tv's in the past and have never had any issue's them thus far.   That said, there are many flat screen tv's that are not meant to be moved unless they are properly packed in their original box or in another sufficient box with plenty of protective material inside it. If the tv is not packed prior to our arrival,  and we can blanket and wrap the tv screen but we cannot be held  liability for the tv or any other extremely fragile, expensive items that have had no preparation whatsoever.

Unpacked fragile items-

It can be extremely time consuming and dangerous to move any unpacked: small glass, small porcelain,  ceramics, lamp shades or similarly unpacked fragile items.  We will not be held liable for any damage to them if they are not packed using sufficient packing paper or bubble wrap prior to the movers arrival. In those cases where the packing is insufficient, we will do our best to protect the items using our blankets but we cannot be held responsible for damages in that case.

Particle board and compressed wood-

Particle board products, compressed wood, and most IKEA products are not built to withstand the normal stresses of a move. We are unable to insure these products due to the high likely hood that they are not built strong enough to move.  We will do our best to move these items for you carefully, but we can no longer accept liability for this kind of furniture.

Risky or dangerous Maneuvers-

We cannot be held responsible for damage caused by non-routine moving including things like standing pieces on end, sharp turns, difficult stairways,  tight doorways, repelling or lifting items over balconies. If the task is risky but necessary, we'll do it as best we can for the customer, but we can't be held liable for any damages that occur.

Hot Tubs-

At this time, our insurance has prohibited us from moving hot tubs due to their large capacity.  We are not responsible for any damage caused by moving a hot tub.


We do not move baby grand or any type of grand or large upright pianos. In certain cases we will move the shorter "spinet" style of piano if entry/exit conditions are safe to do so. We will only move smaller pianos to the second or third floor if the crew foreman deems it a safe and reasonable undertaking. Small pianos with an extra soundboard will not be moved up/down stairs if the weight of the piano makes this an unsafe undertaking. If the piano has lightweight legs (usually the front), we will not be responsible if they will not go back on if we take them off. If the customer elects to leave the legs on, we will not be responsible if damage occurs to them.

Please read our policies and procedures.
Client Help-

If you want to help speed up the process please do. We will never require our clients to help but if you do, we prefer if you refrain from entering our box truck.  Mic's Moving is not responsible for any injuries to the customer while the customer is helping.  Mic's Moving is not responsible for any damages to items while the customer is helping or requiring a dangerous task to be completed.  Mic's Moving is not to be liable for any injuries you might sustain or items you may damage while helping us help you move.

Certificate of insurance-

If you building requires us to provide a copy of our Certificate of Insurance, please let us know your buildings name and the buildings contact person's email and we can send a copy of our COE.

Damage Claims-

Any damage claims must be submitted in writing with images within 48 hours of your move. Our lawyer requires us to provide you with these policies and procedures, but all in all we always strive to make the situation right, when there is a legitimate claim.

Payment must be made in full at the completion of the move. It is illegal to deduct the money from the final bill to compensate yourself in the event of damages.

Mic's Moving reserves the right to repair or replace any damaged items. Mic's Moving is responsible only for repairing damaged goods to as near the condition prior to the damage occurring as possible, and these repairs will be arranged by Mic's Moving.

We never set out to get one over on clients like many other moving companies you've heard of. We'll do what we can to make things right, whether that's repairing something, replacing it, or offering a discount.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions.  We understand many moving situations are unique and may not fall into our description above, in which case, we will insure $.60 per pound per item damaged or destroyed,  with the right to repair the damaged goods to as near the condition prior to the damage occurring as possible.  We will do our best to work with you through any issues that may arise.

Mic's Moving
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