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Ask us if you need special protection when packing fragile items. 
Hot Tubs
At this time, our insurance has prohibited us from moving hot tubs due to their large capacity.  We are not responsible for any damage caused by moving a hot tub.

We do not move baby grand or any type of grand or large upright pianos. In certain cases we will move the shorter "spinet" style of piano if entry/exit conditions are safe to do so. We will only move smaller pianos to the second or third floor if the crew foreman deems it a safe and reasonable undertaking. Small pianos with an extra soundboard will not be moved up/down stairs if the weight of the piano makes this an unsafe undertaking. If the piano has lightweight legs (usually the front), we will not be responsible if they will not go back on if we take them off. If the customer elects to leave the legs on, we will not be responsible if damage occurs to them.

Particle board and compressed wood
Particle board products, compressed wood, and most IKEA products are not built to withstand the normal stresses of a move. We are unable to insure these products due to the high likely hood that they are not built strong enough to move.  We will do our best to move these items for you carefully, but we can no longer accept liability for this kind of furniture.

Other unpacked fragile items
It can be extremely time consuming and dangerous to move any unpacked: small glass, small porcelain, ceramics, lamp shades or similarly unpacked fragile items.  We will not be held liable for any damage to them if they are not packed using sufficient packing paper or bubble wrap prior to the movers’ arrival. In those cases where the packing is insufficient, we will do our best to protect the items using our blankets but we cannot be held responsible for damages in that case.

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